About us

Paola Belfiore 花月(Kagetsu)

Paola started learning Ikebana Sogetsu in New York. She moved to Brasilia in 2008 where she kept on taking lessons and where she took part to exhibitions and various events at the Embassy of Japan in Brasil.  Back in Rome, she obtained her teacher diploma, started teaching ikebana Sogetsu and continued promoting ikebana in Rome. In 2016 e nel 2017 she held ikebana Sogetsu courses  at UPTER, the community college in Rome. She is continuing her ikebana training with the Belgian teacher Ilse Beunen and she is a member of the Sogetsu Azalea Study Group in Belgium. She is currently teaching at the Ikebanalab.

Lucia Pierelli 銀杏 (Ichō)

Lucia started learning ikebana Sogetsu in 2011 in Roma where she got her teacher diploma. She attended  many exhibitions, demonstrations, and seminars in Rome and abroad. In 2016 she held courses of ikebana Sogetsu at the Università Civica in Cattolica. Since 2016 she has been attending classes with the Belgian teacher Ilse Beunen. She is a member of the Azalea Sogetsu Study Group in Belgium. She is continuing her Sogetsu ikebana promotion activity in Rome and Cattolica.  Passionated about Japanese calligraphy (Shodō) she has been attending  Norio Nagayama’s courses since 2012.